Thailand Agency

Located near the Chidlom BTS station in the city center, Vero’s office in Bangkok, Thailand is a fast-paced, international office with strong local knowledge.

Our client roster continues to grow and consists of multinational companies, trade groups, government agencies and educational organizations from the US, Japan, EU, UK as well as companies based in the ASEAN region.

Hailing from Thailand, France and the US, our employees are focused on serving clients in Thailand – and also working regionally.  Both large and medium sized Thai enterprises are highly focused on regionalizing their businesses through Southeast Asia and so are we.  We view the ASEAN region as the best economic zone in the world for the next couple of decades, and so we are focused on helping clients navigate this region by teaming up with colleagues in Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar as well as partners in Cambodia and Laos.

Our approach to PR is also highly focused on using emerging technologies and new forms of media to help clients amplify their messages.

In addition to taking good care of our clients, we also take good care of ourselves.  Every team member gets a training budget to use on any endeavor they like related to communications.  We also offer every team member an ergonomic chair.