Singapore Agency

Located in a hip and upcoming communal set-up, Vero Singapore occupies the premises of The Hub Singapore. Formed in early 2016, the location is an accurate illustration of the culture of the newest addition to the Vero family.

With the boom in entrepreneurship and disruptive technologies, particularly in new and emerging sectors ie. FinTech and Medical Technologies, Singapore is a fast growing market where marketing communication has evolved to sit prominently within a business plan.

With increasing regional headquarters and their corresponding group functions, based in Singapore, Vero Singapore is well positioned to connect and engage directly with key decision makers for the region (and global) who are based here. Our local presence coupled with our regional network allows for Vero to be an ideal partner who can be relied on for regional strategy that is bench-marked against global standards yet, highly suited and aptly tailored for deployment in the respective Southeast Asian markets.

Vero Singapore’s strength lies within our high caliber team – all of whom have held regional roles with global corporations prior to joining Vero. Our emphasis in attracting high caliber individuals to our team has resulted in senior talents hailing from a variety of industries, namely IT, Healthcare and Energy sectors. Our comprehension of diverse and complex industries, coupled with our experience in programme building at a regional level offers a rare combination to clients – particularly within complex B-to-B industries – who not only require a strong partner that can comprehend technical and intricate content but also articulate and reframe them in a manner comprehensible to stakeholders with varied interest levels.

Apart from committing to quality and value-differentiating services to our clients, we focus on building awareness and eradicating misconceptions of communication services, through our volunteer programmes with the SME Centre @SICCI, with whom we collaborate to build community interest and consultation programmes.

In our continued effort to build a stronger team which we truly believe is our brand differentiator, Vero Singapore is presently exploring partnership with a local think-tank group with the intent of reaching out to talents returning from childcare sabbatical and relocated professionals with multi-market experience.