Myanmar Agency

Some say Myanmar is the last frontier in Asia. We, at Vero, simply see it as a neighbor in a region where we have been doing business for the last 10 years. Vero was the first PR agency to open an office in Myanmar following the suspension of sanctions by the US and EU – and we continue to serve multinational and local clients as they seek to introduce their brands and businesses to the people of Myanmar.

From our office, walking distance to the Schwedagon Pagoda, we have supported companies, trade groups, educational organizations and NGOs to better understand Myanmar, and to help the media and stakeholders in Myanmar, better understand them.

And to understand Myanmar is to understand that it is a nation undergoing tremendous change.

When we opened the office in 2012, there was but one daily newspaper, operating as an organ of the state . Today, not only are there dozens of newspapers, but Myanmar has surpassed most of its neighbors in levels of press freedom. The story today in Myanmar is one of great optimism and hope as the country is expected to be the fastest growing market in the world through at least 2019.

From our office on Dhamazedi road near downtown Yangon, our team competes to get the best possible news coverage for our clients. We also compete – and have fun – amongst ourselves with regular matches on our office ping pong table. If you are up for a meeting and a ping pong match, we welcome you to visit.